One of the Simplest Self-Care Practices You Can Do for Yourself

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Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that has recently resurfaced.  When swished around in the mouth, the antibacterial properties of oil pull out bacteria and fungus,  alleviating inflammation, congestion, and even allergies.  It rids of bad breath, bleeding gums, cavities, gingivitis, plaque, and sensitive teeth, and moistens the mouth, lips, and throat.  It’s even said to relive stomach issues such as ulcers, improve kidney function, and kill strep throat bacteria.

Although it may sound a bit complex, it’s actually one of the simplest self-care measures you can do for yourself.  It’s also pretty inexpensive, depending on what type oil you use.

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  • Measure out 1-2 teaspoons of oil and put it in your mouth.  Coconut, sesame, or sunflower oil is recommended for best results.  Use the highest quality oil possible.


  • Swish and pull the oil around your mouth and between your teeth.  Start with five minutes and build your way up to 20 minutes or more.  Be careful not to swallow the oil since it contains toxins and bacteria from your mouth.


  • When you’re ready to spit out the liquid, make sure you do so in the garbage.  The contaminated oil can clog your pipes.


  • Rinse your mouth out using salt water or water mixed with a little apple cider vinegar to ensure that all of the oil is out of your mouth.


  • After you’ve thoroughly rinsed your mouth, brush your teeth well to kill any bacteria remnants.


  • Smile in the mirror and thank yourself for taking time to take care of you!


The best time to practice oil pulling is in the morning, but you will benefit from doing it any time of day and for any amount of time.  Start small and work your up.  It will quickly become as natural as brushing your teeth.

Your self-care should be an extremely high priority.  When you care for yourself deeply, you’re able to show up in the world in a big way.


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Not The ‘B’ Word

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What’s the ‘B’ word?  BALANCE.  It’s a word we hear often these days when it comes to life.  Life is a balance of work, play, rest, love,  and the list goes on and on.  So what does this word mean?  The dictionary says:


an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady or a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.


keep or put (something) in a steady position so that it does not fall or offset or compare the value of (one thing) with another.

While preparing for a workshop, I consulted with my mentor and coach, Cindy regarding a title.  She is creative and word savvy, which I am not, and advised against the word ‘balance’ because she thought it was way over used and the word brought to mind ‘perfection’.  I thought to myself, hmmmm, what is another word I can use.  I couldn’t find one!  I spent days but nothing else fit.  So I decided that it was time that this word be explained and put into context.  Besides, if Cindy thought of perfection when it came to balance, then there were probably others who thought the same way.

Let’s set the record straight, balance is not perfection.  It is far from it.  Balance is taking into account different variations and making them work together.  They are ever-changing and need attention at different stages throughout life.  Once we think we have one down, then another gets out of whack.  It’s called life.  Life is never perfect.  Health is not always perfection either.  We have to work to have good health, especially in this day and age.  We have way to much processed food, we live, work, and play in toxic environments, and we are so stressed out that it is causing sickness and disease.

So what is ‘balance’?  Balance is keeping steady.  When it comes to life, we work towards keeping our finances steady, our health steady, our career steady, our relationships steady, and so on (see circle of life above).

What does your circle look like?  What areas do you need to work on to balance your life?



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Put Your Sex Life Into Overdrive

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According to a study conducted by the American Medical Association, as many as 43% of all women suffer from some sort of sexual dysfunction, ranging from low sex drive to inability to orgasm.  For women who have no clue as to the root of their problem, the reality of an unsatisfying sex life can be heart-breaking.  The good news is there’s a new solution that’s going to help put your sex life into overdrive, and it’s called The Orgasmic Diet (May 2007, Crown Publishing) by Author Marrena Lindberg, an environmental researcher who holds a math degree from Brown University.

The goal is to return the body back to its natural, healthy state. If it sounds fishy, it is. According to Marrena Lindberg, fish oil is an integral part of her libido-enhancing plan because it increases nitric oxide in the bloodstream and increases dopamine levels in the brain, which, in turn, boosts feelings of pleasure and enhances sensations.

Women who’ve gone years without achieving an orgasmic experience are inclined to believe that it’s going to take a lot of work to reach what seems to be an unattainable peak. The Orgasmic Diet tells us differently. The basic tenets of the program include:

  • Supplement – Prepare to add high-quality fish oil, multivitamins, calcium, magnesium and zinc, along with iron and vitamin C.
  • 40-30-30 – Consume foods that increase dopamine and testosterone levels. A balance of 40 percent carbs, 30 percent protein and 30 percent fats should comprise your meals.
  • Avoid – Eliminate caffeine, smoking and other stimulants. Also avoid hormonal birth control, as well as excessive amounts of alcohol.
  • Exercise Those Muscles – Work out the PC, or pubococcygeus muscle, down below using the GyneFlex or vaginal cone weights to strengthen muscles.

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5 Basic Principals of Eating Clean

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According to Terry Walters, “eating clean is about being empowered with knowledge, making the best choices that we can, going easy on ourselves, and doing the best that we can do from day-to-day.”

The basis of clean eating is consuming primarily whole, unprocessed food. clean eating is now very individualistic – it means different things to different people. However, all followers of this approach agree that processed foods are not included. Eating clean revolves around maintaining a balanced and personalized diet of fresh, unprocessed food including fruits,vegetables, grains, healthy fats, and some meats, fish, and dairy.

Why does one eat clean?  Besides the moral and mental boost the words evoke, many advocates seek clearer skin, weight loss, increased energy, stronger hair and nails, improved mental health, and better sleep. Rather than simply going on diets, these individuals are often making sustainable lifestyle shifts when they choose to eat clean.

5 basic principals of eating clean are:

  1. Keep it whole
    • Stick to whole foods, those that occur in nature and don’t go through a lab or another manufacturing unit:  fresh fruits and vegetables, grass-fed and free-range meats, dairy, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.
  2. Get in the kitchen
    • When cooking at home, you’re almost guaranteed to up the nutritional value of your food.  Restaurant food is more processed, less fresh, and often over seasoned.  Keep it simple and then build your repertoire as you learn more.
  3. Eliminate refined sugar and carbohydrates.
    • Remove white foods, i.e, white sugar and white flour, from your diet if you’re aiming to eat clean.  This includes all standard desserts containing white sugar as well as white pasta, rice, bread, and pastries.
  4. Maintain blood sugar.
    • Keeping your blood sugar stable greatly contributes to healthy food choices.  When you wait too long between meals or eat processed foods that spike blood sugar, leading to a crash in energy, you’re more likely to reach for sugar, fat, or caffeine to keep energy up.  If you ensure you eat whole foods every 3-4 hours, your blood sugar and mentality will remain stable.
  5. Remember the magic combination of protein, fat, and complex carbohydrates.
    • You should aim to get a serving from each group at every meal.  This will create optimal blood sugar levels and stave off your cravings and brain fog.  Some examples of great protein sources include grass-fed meat, fish, tempeh, and tofu.  Top-notch fat options are avocado, olive oil, nuts, and seeds.  When reaching for complex carbs, try quinoa, brown rice, or sweet potatoes.


For a list of the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen click on:


For more information on this topic or any other health and wellness questions, see us at or email us at



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Diagnosis – Update




I am happy to report that I am doing just awesome.  I’m still on the tea but feeling better every day.  My workouts are still going very well and my breathing is still good.  I’ve not had any set backs since the first follow-up.  I even went to a yoga festival in the desert for three days and had no problems.  No sinus issues what so ever.  I was shocked as the dust usually puts me in a whirlwind of dizziness and congestion.  The lungs are getting stronger and stronger.

I am actually starting to see body changes.  I got on the scale to find that I have lost nine pounds!  My midsection is looking better and better.  It’s amazing!  I’ve been working on my abs for years never to lose all of the baby fat from being pregnant.  My daughter is 31!  I was almost ready to accept that my belly would never go back to normal.  Not so.  I credit the tea.  The last batch was for hormones as well as my lungs and digestion.  Dr. Diep informed me that my adrenals were not functioning properly and she felt it was due to hormones.  I think she was right.  My energy levels are much, much better.  I wake up earlier in the morning and stay up later at night.  I am accomplishing so much more with this added energy.

All I can say is ‘It’s working!’  Yes!  I still have a little ways to go but I am almost there.  Dr. Diep says only a few more visits and I should be done.  For now, we are continuing to work on my lungs, heart, and digestion.  She is still not quite happy with my tongue and fingernails but feels we are almost there.  They are much better than they were when I first came in but still a little more treatment is needed.  I will keep you posted.

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Diagnosis-Day 11


Amazing!  No more sugar.  For those that know me, I have been a sugarholic all my life.  Today, I could not stomach a vegan donut that I’ve been eating for months (my Friday treat).  It was so sweet that I had to throw it out.  I also got a little tummy ache.  Boy, I am really clean.  I’ve never had the issue of anything being to sweet.  This is a good thing.  Sweets have always been my nemesis.

Workout today was good.  I really pushed the buttons and prevailed.  I just had one little issue with one of the ladies and her perfume.  She used the treadmill next to me the whole class.  Every time I moved, she moved.  She finally said to me, ‘I’m sorry for following you but you make me work harder because I see you pushing it.’  I felt bad that I didn’t want to be near her but I really wanted to tell her that she shouldn’t where perfume to the gym.  I am super sensitive to perfumes and it kills my breath in the gym.  I did notice though that although I smelled it, it did not affect me as bad as usual.  I didn’t miss a beat on my run.  I even increased my base pace by a percentage and increased my all out by a percentage and held it for a minute.  So my base is at 6 and all out at 7.  Happy Happy Joy Joy.

I go for my follow-up doctors visit tomorrow.  I’m anxious to see what Dr. Diep says.  The best music to my ears would be that I do not have to drink anymore tea.  I don’t think that will be the case though.  I feel 100% better in some areas but I don’t think I’m quite there yet.  The digestion still needs a some care as well as the gallbladder.  I think they are better but not totally healed yet.

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Diagnosis-Day 10


Great day today 🙂  The workouts are amazing.  Still running as fast as ever and breath is still good.  I can’t tell you how relieved I am that this is working.  It was very frustrating not being able to run or complete a floor workout due to not having good breath.  I feel like a new person.  I know I’ve had a few bad days but that comes along with getting better.

I chose to take an alternative route to healing.  I know my body so I knew something was not right.  I did not want to see a western medicine doctor because I felt I would be prescribed medication, which I do not take, as well as probably misdiagnosed.  I know I have certain food issues as well some internal stuff going on that is more than likely from the foods.  I’ve also done a lot of over-exercising which has done some damage also.  I realize all of this and chose to go the eastern medicine route.  I am totally with the natural medicines with the exception of the taste and smell.  It would be so nice if they could fix that (blah blah blah).  Unfortunately, I have to grin and bare the natural herbal medicine prescribed to me.  It would be nice if they could put it in a pill but that’s not how they did it thousands of years ago and I appreciate the practitioners that keep the practice traditional.  As far as some of the side effects, I knew it would happen.  I’ve been through worse with regular detoxes.  I prefer these side effects as opposed to pharmaceutical side effects.  I understand that some of that stuff has been inside me for years and does not want to come out.  It’s fighting but I will prevail  🙂

So, on that note, friends and family, please no need to worry.  I am healthy for the most part.  I just have a few kinks that could turn into something serious if not cared for now.  I have been taking really good care of myself for a long time so it could be so much worse.

Stay tuned…..

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